Implicit biases are the result of mental associations (mental shortcuts) that we have formed by direct and indirect messaging we receive throughout our lives. When we are repeatedly exposed to certain identity groups being paired with certain characteristics, we can begin to automatically and unconsciously associate the identity with the characteristics, whether or not that association aligns with reality. Everyone has implicit biases. The best way to combat your own biases is to learn what they are and consciously reflect on them. 



Training & Presentations

  • Project Implicit is a Harvard-based project that has Implicit Association Tests from a list of different topics.  IATs can help create an understanding of your own attitudes or stereotypes.   
  • The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity is a research based institute at the Ohio State University.  The Institute’s goal is to educate the public, build the capacity of allied social justice organizations, and invest in efforts that support equity and inclusion through research, engagement, and communication.  Their entire website is an excellent resource. They also have implicit bias presentations.
  • Starbucks