At the core of the UNC Asheville Athletic Program’s mission to become Champions and Leaders is the pledge to honor, uphold, and promote sportsmanship, citizenship, equity, and inclusiveness. Read more from Athletics Director Janet Cone.

Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge

UNC Asheville’s Athletics Department has signed the Collegiate Coaching Diversity Pledge (CCDP), an opt-in pledge by Division I athletics directors to include a diverse group of candidates in the finalist pool for head coach vacancies in men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and football. Spearheaded by AthleticDirectorU, the CCDP reflects a commitment to ensure equal opportunity in the hiring of head coaches, and to address the barriers that have prevented full participation of underrepresented minority groups. Read the news release here.

Big South Conference

The Big South Conference has created several initiatives in an ongoing effort to address the racial inequality and social injustice that exists nationally. In addition to already committing to make Election Day, Nov. 3, a required day off, the league has developed an official position campaign on anti-racism measures, has created a task force to address racial matters, and will implement on-going programs to support and engage these important issues. Read more about their work.

As part of its anti-racism initiatives, the Big South is also proud to present a new video podcast series—”Cultural Conversations“—that focuses on the league’s “S.O.U.T.H.” anti-racism position of Support, Opportunities, Unity, Transparency, Honest conversation.