Office of Accessibility

Accessibility & Accommodations

UNC Asheville recognizes disability as a valued aspect of diversity. As a campus, we understand access as a matter of social justice, and strive to design more welcoming and inclusive environments. The Office of Accessibility works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to ensure that all aspects of campus life — learning, working, and living — are accessible. The Office provides the University community with resources, education, innovative programming, and direct services in order that people with disabilities may have a greater opportunity to achieve social justice and equity. Students who request accommodations and/or academic adjustments due to a disability are responsible for knowing and following the policies and procedures of the OAA.

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Disability is Diversity Week

Disability is Diversity Week is an annual event at UNC Asheville, formerly known as Disability Awareness Week. Workshops, activities and events focus on  disability as an identity of diversity and difference to be not only accepted but celebrated. Details on Disability is Diversity Week are posted on UNC Asheville’s events calendar.


Disability Cultural Center

The Disability Cultural Center at UNC Asheville specifically focuses on disability as diversity, and serves primarily as a space for community connection and shared culture between students with disabilities.

The center welcomes all students, faculty, staff, and community members who share the common goal of advocating for greater inclusiveness in both campus and community settings.

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